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Fund Raising:

    Volunteers are needed to help with fund raising projects so that Society may assemble sufficient resources to expand the capacity of our shelter for homeless and unwanted animals.

    • Aluminum can drive
    • Bake sale
    • Garage sale
    • T-shirt sales

Volunteer Soliciting and Coordinating:

  • Contact and enlist prospective volunteers
  • Followup on volunteer leads from the websiteCoordinate the assignments and scheduling of volunteers

Foster Care Homes:

  • Take in and temorarily care for a dog or cat
  • Provide food and shelter

Foster Care Coordination:

  • Locate families willing to provide temporary foster care
  • Act as point of contact for dogs and cats needing foster care
  • Match needing animals with available foster care homes

Updating the Society’s Website Data — events, adopt-ready pets, etc:

  • Keep the list of adoptable dogs and cats up to date
  • Keep news and events up to date
  • Post happy endings
  • (requires a computer with access to the internet)