Successful Adoption Stories

Mr. Peabody


Three dogs arrived together 1/4/15. Mr. Peabody, named by Marissa, a 5 year old volunteer, was not in the best of shape. He had two types of parasites and was underweight. A round of meds and a cozy foster home and he was on his way. His weight doubled and he played with cats and dogs. In his second foster home he played with really large dogs and he sharpened up on his house training skills. A mere 7 weeks later Mr. Peabody took the big step…adoption! 2/20/15



Tesla has lived in a foster home since he was picked up on the streets of Glenmont last winter during the horrible cold spell. He was nearly frozen and very ill. It’s now official, Tesla is being adopted by his foster family. He dearly loves the man of the house and his kitty pal Timmy. He is pictured here in his Halloween outfit.